Who We Are

Fountain Valley Educational Foundation

Who We Are

The Foundation is a community-based organization, established in 1982, which provides support for the implementation of district-wide programs that benefit all students within the Fountain Valley School District. Our goals are to increase the awareness of educational needs in our schools and to secure funding through corporate sponsorships, business partnerships and donations from the community.

Strong schools keep communities vibrant by raising real estate values and lowering crime rates, which leads to increased commerce. Many people choose to move to Fountain Valley because of the excellent reputation of the FVSD. With huge statewide budget cuts, our schools are more dependent than ever on outside support to maintain the high level of educational programs that are vital to our children's success. We desperately need your help to save existing programs in danger of being eliminated. Our main focus is to raise the funds necessary to provide all kindergarten through 8th grade students with weekly music and fine arts instruction, as well as a quality, hands-on inquiry based science program.

The Fountain Valley Educational Foundation offers you an opportunity to invest in the future of our community through the education of our children. Your contribution can help "move our students from good to great" and ensure that every student receives the quality education that they deserve. What better way to invest in our children and our collective future?

Why support the arts and sciences?

Arts and hands-on science stimulate students in ways that help them perform better in academics and better prepare them for higher learning and professional success.
  • Students become more personally engaged in learning
  • Promotes creative thinking
  • Enhances their ability to personalize and understand lessons
  • Builds creativity and thought processes for success at higher education and in careers

Why Study Music?

  • CULTURE: Get in touch with the music of India, the U.S., the world. You can communicate through music no matter what language you speak

  • COLLABORATION: Band, orchestra, and choir allow you to achieve something more than what you could do by yourself. Working towards group goals prepares you for a future workplace

  • LANGUAGE: Music develops the ability to understand and use symbols, similar to language skills. Fact: One study found that the reading level of first-grade students with a single year of music was nearly one grade higher than their peers; those with two years of music scored at almost the third-grade level.

  • MATH: Music uses math skills like counting, fractions, and ratios. Fact: In one study, students in music performance scored 41 points higher than the average on the math section of the SAT. Students in music appreciation scored 44 points higher.

  • CREATIVITY: Music helps you to find and direct creativity. It's one of the few periods of the day where you can use your imagination.
  • FVEF

  • EXPRESSION: Music gives an outlet for self-expression, uniqueness, communication of thoughts, ideas, and feelings

  • ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT: Music instruction is linked to success in many other subjects. Fact: Students in the top three countries for science ability (Hungary, the Netherlands, and Japan) study music as a part of the curriculum from kindergarten to high school. Fact: Schools with the highest academic achievement in the US spend 20 to 30% of the day on the arts, with emphasis on music.

  • FUN!!!: Music exalts the human spirit, offers an avenue for peak experiences, allows you to experience the richness and beauty of life in its highest form. Fact: After keyboard lessons, elderly people reported decreases in anxiety, depression, and loneliness - all critical things in coping with stress, stimulating the immune system, and improved health.

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  • APPRECIATION: The more you learn about music, the more enjoyable it is to play and listen to.

  • SELF-ESTEEM: Through the study of music, you can build self-confidence by developing creativity and finding freedom of expression as you succeed at complex things.

  • SELF-DISCIPLINE: Music allows you to grow into the liberation of self-discipline. Fact: In one study, students who participated in band or orchestra reported the lowest lifetime and current use of controlled substances (alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs).

  • COLLEGE: When looking through applications, most schools place a high value on participation in the arts and music. Fact: 66% of music majors who apply to medical school are admitted, compared with only 44% of biochemistry majors. Fact: The very best engineers and technical designers in the Silicon Valley industry are, nearly without exception, practicing musicians.

  • THE BRAIN: Music combines left-brain activity (reading music, understanding keys) with right-brain activity (listening to melodies, playing by ear). Fact: Certain parts of musician's brains are larger than average, especially if they began before the age of seven. Fact: Music has a profound influence on language, social, and emotional maturation in children, beginning in infancy.

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Who We Are

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